Our Dear Mark,
 Happy Birthday in Heaven our little Angel.
You would have been 8 years old today 
It's a very special and emotional day for our family. Like every year with much love we prepare for your birthday. We bought beautiful balloons and your favorite chocolate cake. We wrote a card for you. Maria colored  a pumpkin for you and she painted all your favorite characters on it. Marta , your little sister ,is kissing your picture all morning and sings Happy birthday to you.
   We bought a lot of presents from you to boys and girls in the hospital. You make a lot of kids happy today.
   As much as we want to make this day happy, it is very hard not to be able to have you with us . We wish we can plan your special  day different way. We wish we can come into your room with all balloons, birthday presents , cake and our traditional "Многая літа" song , that is what we would have, but instead we light a candle next to your picture and pray to God that he holds you safe and close to him.
  I remember the day you were born, a beautiful healthy boy . How happy we all were . Little did we know that your life would be cut short and all of our life's would change forever in only three short years.  How we enjoyed seeing you grow, taking your first step, hearing your first words "Mama, Tato, Mia", putting together puzzles with you. We know that if you would be with us now you'd be the most courageous, smart ,talented and kind little man in the world.
  Oh, how we wish to just for one moment to hold you and hug you and hear your precious voice and your charming laughter. To tell you over and over again how much we love you and how much we miss you little man . Our family will never be the same again . We will never be complete without you.
 I know that heavenly choir will sing Happy Birthday to you and God himself will pull your ears.Happy birthday our sweet little man.We love you always and forever to infinity and beyond .
 Mama, Daddy, Maria and Marta
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