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Happy Easter 2022

Happy Easter!

Today, Mark’s Angels foundation delivered Easter gifts to the children in Albany Medical Center. We are so blessed to bring some Easter spirit to all of you and hope that we made your day a little brighter?? On behalf of Mark’s Angels, I would like to thank everyone who donated toys, gift cards and helped us make this visit very special. It was a pleasure to meet child life specialists from various departments. Representatives from Inpatient, ICU, and outpatient departments shared with us how much joy each child receives from Mark’s gifts. A special thanks to the parishioners of St. Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Troy NY, Fr. Vasyl Dovgan, d. Ilona Dovgan, Tanya Petroff, Michele Ryan, Paula Taylor and Lydia Kulbida. Also much gratitude to our youngest volunteers for the amazing work of preparing and wrapping every gift with so much love.  We are and will always be very thankful for all your support, dedication, effort, and love for Mark’s Angels.

Christmas gifts to the children at Albany Medical Center 2021

Mark's Angels foundation delivered over 80 gifts to the sick children at Albany Medical Center.
We would like to thank you all for your donation, support, dedication and love. A special thank you to Tanya Petroff , Fr. Vasyl Dovgan, d. Ilona, Michelle Ryan, Paula Taylor and all parishioners of St. Nicolas Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Troy NY. And of course, a big thank you to our volunteers, we are so grateful for the time and effort that you put into helping us prepare and wrap all the gifts. It is the biggest blessing to hear from the hospital of the happiness that the children were expressing❤️ We would never be able to do it without all of you. Thank you for helping us keep memory of our son Mark alive?❤️. We wish you and your families all the best during this holiday season, much health and love?❄️?❤️.

Merry Christmas!!! Albany Medical Center 2020.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Staten Island Hospital 2019.

This is a very emotional and difficult post for me to write. This week I visited Staten Island hospital pediatric center, and brought gifts for all the young patients. However, I found out that young warrior Jonathan became an Angel. He fought so hard for his life and I would like to acknowledge his bravery. My brave Angel, please know how much you have touched so many people and how you have reminded us all once again that there is nothing more important than your loved ones.

To the doctors, nurses and all who fought for him, I pray for you. I said it before and will say it again, you have the most difficult job in the world. I feel your pain, and I am still hurting.

To the family of this beautiful Angel, I’m sorry that you have to go through this. It is not fair, I’m sorry that you have to know the pain of losing a loved one to cancer. This horrible disease knows no boundaries and has touched us all in one way or another.

To the mama of this brave Angel, I have no words that will comfort you right now. There is no amount of hugs that will take your pain away. As a mama myself who has an Angel in heaven, I can tell you that losing a child is a pain like no other. The path you have to travel feels like the loneliest place in the world at times. However, I want you to know that I am praying for you, and your family. I pray that your Angel gives you strength to go through this, and that with time your heart will heal, and your soul will find peace again.

To my friends, I want to wish you all peaceful and healthy holidays. Please keep all children that are battling this disease in your thoughts, as well as their families, and everyone who is willingly fighting for them.

May God bless you all and keep you safe!!!

Happy Holidays!!!

Merry Christmas 2019!!!         Albany Medical Center.

Mark Angel’s volunteers from St. Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox Church spread some Christmas cheer today to the children in the Oncology department at Albany Medical Center. We hope our little gifts put a smile on the children’s  faces during the Holidays!

Thank you to everyone who made a toy or monetary donation this year. ? ? ❤️ We do this all in honor of our little friend, Marko Barabash, who lost his battle to Leukemia at the mere age of three. We were told today, toy donations are low this year, and they have many children spending the Holidays in the hospital. ? May God Bless all the children in Albany Medical Center!

Happy 11th Birthday in Heaven our Mark! Gifts for kids in Staten Island Hospital.

Happy Easter to the children at Albany Medical Center !!!

Merry Christmas 2018 !!! Staten Island Hospital.

Christmas party at Oncology Department of Connecticut Chislren's Medical Center 2018

Christmas gifts to the children at Albany Medical Center 2018

Gifts for sick kids  on Mark's 10th Birthday

Christmas party 2017 at the hematology/ oncology department in Connecticut Children's Medical Ctr Hartford.

Dear Assya,
Thank you so much for your generosity, love, and dedication to our cause. You make so many children happy every year. God bless you for your kind heart and sweet soul.
Many thanks to your family, friends, and coworkers. May you all be happy and healthy.


Merry Christmas 2017!!!

It is that time of the year when we are all thankful for our health, happiness, and our loved ones. Mark’s Angels would like to thank you all for your continued support and dedication to all children staying in hospitals this season. We are also very grateful for the loving staff at Staten Island Hospital who are always welcoming and gracious.
We wish you all a very Merry Christmas, happy and healthy holidays. Thank you all for keeping our Mark’s memory alive and close to your hearts. We are very thankful to you all for everything you do.

May you all be surrounded by love this time of the year and always.

Christmas gifts to the children at Albany Medical Center!   ❄️  2017

We wanted to wish you all happy and healthy holidays and  thank our support group from St. Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Troy, NY who visited on our behalf Albany Medical Center Children's Oncology. We are so thankful to you all and appreciate your efforts and dedication to our cause.

May God bless you and keep you and your families healthy and safe.


Please Join Us March 17 for our final Mark's Angels Fundraiser at The Saratoga Alex & Ani Store!

The Saratoga Alex and Ani store will be closing their doors on March 24, 2017, so we decided to host one final event with them.
This will be our fifth year hosting an event at their store; we have always had much success which allows us to be very generous with our toy donations to Albany Medical Center during Easter and Christmas on behalf of Mark's Angels Foundation.

Please come for a fun evening out to support Marks Angels and shop for Easter, spring/summer birthdays, graduation, First Communion and end of school year teacher gifts.

Friday, March 17, 2017 (St. Patrick's Day!)
5:00pm - 7:00pm (afterwards, join us at The Parting Glass to listen to Roman Karpishka's band, Forthlin Road!)

Alex and Ani
327 Broadway
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
(518) 871-1638

drinks and light appetizers will be served.

Once again, we will be raffling off an Alex and Ani bracelet before, during and after our event. Tickets are 1 for $2 or 3 for $5.

If you are unable to attend, but would like to make a purchase, please contact me. We will also be accepting monetary donation.

We truly appreciate your generosity in the past and we are looking forward to hosting one more Alex and Ani event to cover our 2017 Holiday Toy purchases. We will be coming up with new fundraising ideas soon, so stay tuned! If you have any questions, please contact me. As always, thank you for your support.

Merry Christmas 2016! Albany Medical Center Children's Oncology visit.

Dear friends,
We wanted to wish you all Happy and Healthy Christmas  and  thank our support group in Albany who visited on our behalf Albany Medical Center Children's Oncology. Our dear friends Tanya Petroff, Michelle Ryan, Lydia Kulbida, Father Vasyl Dovgan, Ilona Dovgan took time out of their busy schedules to visit sick children in memory of our Mark. We are so thankful to you all and appreciate your efforts and dedication to our cause.
May God bless you and keep you and your families healthy and safe.

"We dropped off over 100 gifts for the children at Albany Medical Center Children's Oncology Center for Marks Angles Foundation in memory of our little friend, Marko Barabash.

Thank you to all who donated their time, gifts and supplies, and a special thank you to the Alex and Ani Store in Saratoga for hosting our very successful fundraiser to make this all possible.

We hope we brought you all a little Christmas Joy during this very difficult time; wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and may God watch over each and every one of you!"

Happy Holidays 2016! Staten Island Hospital!


Happy Holidays!!

Mark's Angels Foundation visited Staten Island University Pediatric Oncology Department today and gave out many presents to the young patients.

We would like to thank the wonderful staff, parents, and children for welcoming us. It is our pleasure and honor to be able to give presents for the holidays to sick children in memory of our Angel Mark. We are always grateful to him for guiding us towards our goal which is to help children who are very sick.

Presents from Mark's Angels for Connecticut Children Medical Center . HAPPY HOLIDAYS 2016!!!

 Dear Asya,
Thank you so much for taking your time out of your busy schedule to visit Connecticut Children's Medical Center with Christmas Gifts and sweets on our behalf and in memory of our Mark,
Happy holidays to you and your loved ones. Wishing you love, health, and happiness.

Happy Thanksgiving 2016! Staten Island Hospital visit.


September - month of CHILDHOOD cancer Awareness!!!

God are you listening?

I hope you are listening, because I do not want, or ask for much these days. However, I do want to ask for one thing. Please help all kids who are suffering from cancer. These poor babies go through so much and their parents have to see this torture every single day. This is not a nightmare that they can wake up from or a horrible movie that can be turned off, this is their life. I ask you to please do anything you can to end this nightmare for so many. When I was in a hospital with Mark, sleep did not exist for me anymore, there was no pill strong enough to give me any peace at night. The only peace I got was watching my son sleep and pray that this night will be a peaceful one for him. I would pray for hours over his sick little body and think to myself that one day when we will leave this hospital we are going on the best vacation possible, not because it will be the most extravagant or expensive, but because our whole family will be together. I would even pack all our suitcases in my mind, pick out shorts, swim suits, toys we would take along. I believed with my whole heart that my fantasy will come true, there is no way I would loose my Mark. I was going to bring him home no matter what. This never happened, I had to leave that hospital with Mark's clothes, toys, but not Mark, which I swore to myself would never happen. Since September is the month of childhood cancer awareness month, I want to ask you to help any child, parent, family who might have to leave a hospital empty handed, without their son or daughter. I never want anyone to ever feel what I felt that day, you know you have to go but all you want to do is run back to that hospital grab your kid and just run. Run away from it all, pretend that this is not happening, but you can't. Please, I beg you help all these families, give them strength to go through this nightmare that most people are too afraid to think about. Please God, help me bring awareness to childhood cancer, help me change this world, where there will be more funding, better treatments, where people understand that childhood cancer is a horrible disease that has taken too many of our kids. I ask you to help me keep my Mark's memory alive, I want people to remember what a beautiful child he was. There is not a second that goes by that I do not think of him, he is and always will be my hero. He fought a very hard battle against cancer, he did it with you by his side. I wish he went home with me, instead he went home to you.

With Love,

"I will stay strong because your love will fight my fear"-Mark's Angels

A Big Thank to Tanya Petroff for hosting Forth Alex and Ani Fundraiser!!!

A BIG Thank to Tanya Pertoff and  to everyone who supported our fourth Alex and Ani Fundraiser! Thank you to everyone who attended, placed orders over the phone, purchased raffle tickets and/or made a monetary donation. Special thanks to Michele Ryan for everything you do, Patrick Ryan for printing our flyers and thank you inserts and Halyna Lisnyczyj and Laura Lisnyczyj for attending from out of town!


As always, thank you for your support, and I hope you are all enjoying your beautiful new purchases!

The Fourth Year Fundraiser at Alex and Ani Store hosting by Tanya Petroff.

    From Tanya Petroff : "Please join us Tuesday, August 23, 2016, 6-8pm for an evening of FUN shopping at the Alex and Ani store in Saratoga, NY to benefit Mark's Angels. This is our fourth year hosting this event, and it is always a great time!

15% of all sales during our event will be donated to Marks Angels. With the money earned, we will be purchasing gifts for children who will be spending the upcoming Holidays at Albany Medical Center's Children's Oncology Hospital. We do this all in memory of our little friend, Mark, who lost his battle to cancer at the age of three.

If you are unable to attend, but would like to place an order, please contact me. We are also accepting monetary donations.

As always, thank you for your support! xoxo

Happy 4th of July 2016!!!


    Mark's Angels had a wonderful visit with kids from Pediatric Dept. in Staten Island Hospital. We gave out presents to all children that are staying there.

We wish you all a happy, healthy, and a relaxing day.

Happy Easter 2016!!!

  We wish you all happy and healthy Easter. Please take this time to spend with your families and friends. Hug your kids extra tight. Spread love and kindness to everyone around you. Not everyone is lucky to be with their loved ones this holiday. Not all parents have their kids to spoil with presents. Visiting the hospitals as often as we do, we always say it is a privilege to be someone’s mom and dad, don’t ever take that for granted. Life happens, but nothing is more important than our children. Children should feel that love every single second of the day.
We had the pleasure to visit Staten Island University Hospital Pediatric and Oncology Departments and witness that love. All kids, parents, grandparents, and guardians that were there, you are our heroes. We feel your love for your children, we love you for it, and we want everyone to know how strong and brave you are. Thank you for your warm welcome and support for our foundation.


Easter gifts for the children  in the Oncology Department at Albany Medical Center.

From Tanya Petroff:

" As we left all these gifts at the hospital today, we walked away with a smile knowing that we possibly brought a little bit of happiness to a child's face who is facing a big challenge right now. May God Bless all those children. Happy Easter from your friends at Mark's Angels Foundation at St. Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Troy, NY.

Happy Valentine's Day 2016. Staten Island Hospital.


Happy Holidays to all our friends!!

We wish you all love, health, and happiness. To all our volunteers, from Staten Island, to Connecticut, to Albany, thank you so much for all your wonderful work. Without you, our Foundation would not exist. Thank you for caring, taking your time out of your busy schedules, and for involving your kids in Mark's Angels Foundation. The best gift we can give our kids is to teach them generosity, empathy, and love for others. We know that our Mark is looking down on us and smiling because he was such a loving boy and he would want for everyone to feel his love. Mark is the heart and soul of our Foundation and you all are truly his Angels.Thank you again for keeping his memory alive, it means the world to us.

We also would like to especially thank all Mark's doctors, nurses, and all the medical staff that worked tirelessly with us to save Mark's life. We will never forget what you have done for our Mark. No matter how much time has passed, those days in Presbyterian Hospital can never be forgotten. Not knowing what each day will bring, what our future will be like, was torture a lot of times. We will be grateful to you all for the rest of our lives. We might not see you often now, but our thoughts are always with you. May God give you strength to keep working your magic and fighting for kids like Mark, whose lives are in your hands.

"I will stay strong because your love will fight my fears"-Mark's Angels

Christmas 2015 in the Connecticut Children's Medical Center - Hematology / Oncology department. A special Thanks to Assya Covacheva.

 Asya, you are amazing, what an incredible job you did this Christmas. You made a lot of kids very happy. Thank you for all your hard work!!


  We would like to thank all Parishioners of St. Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Troy, New York , Fr. Vasyl Dovgan, Ilona Dovgan, and our Friends Tanya Petroff,Lidia Kulbida,  Michele and Patrick Rayn, Modern Press, and everyone who was involved with the fundraiser for Mark's Angels Foundation at ALEX AND ANI (Saratoga Springs, NY) store. We were able to raise $1772.00
We also want to express our most sincere gratitude to you all for bringing such wonderful gifts for kids at the Albany Medical Center on Monday December 21, 2015.
We are so lucky to have such a strong team of supporters, who believe in our goals and most importantly keep our Mark close to their hearts. It is so touching to see that our little boy made such an impact on so many lives. He might not be here to give out the presents to sick kids himself, but his warrior spirit is here, guiding us all, giving us strength to carry on.



Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving to you all. Thanks to Staten Island Hospital for welcoming us with open arms for this holiday. It is always our pleasure to bring gifts to all the little patients staying there for the holidays. As always we hope everyone is enjoying this special day. We are so thankful to you all for encouraging, believing, and supporting our cause.
       Our Mark is the force that gives us the strength to continue in our fight against childhood cancer. It is extremely important to us that everyone remembers him. He was an extraordinary boy who touched so many lives. One too many holidays our baby spend in a hospital. Even when he was very sick he always enjoyed receiving gifts. It is because of what he went through we understand how important it is to bring presents for kids during holidays. While a gift cannot take away pain or a disease, it can bring a lot of happiness for the child. Even for a few moments every child deserves to forget everything and just be a kid.
        Mark taught us all that the most important things like health, love, and happiness are a  privilege and should not ever be taken for granted.
        Never be afraid to share your love for others, even something so little and insignificant can mean so much to someone else. God bless you all!!!




Please join us for an evening of fun shopping at ALEX AND ANI Saratoga Springs on Tuesday, August 4, 2015 from 5pm - 7pm.

15% of sales, (excluding the Charity by Design collection), will be donated to Marks Angels Foundation. An Alex and Ani bracelet will be raffled off at the end of the evening, tickets can be purchased at the door. Please bring a friend or two for a guaranteed fun evening supporting a great cause. If you are unable to attend, you can call the store any time that day to place an order, please just mention Marks Angels Foundation. Thank you and I hope to see you there!

HAPPY 4th OF JULY 2015

Dear friends,

We want to wish you all Happy 4th of July. All of our volunteers, family, and friends at Mark's Angels foundation are extremely proud and grateful to this country. This is the best country in the world and has so much to offer us. Our future lies within our children and it is our responsibility to teach them to appreciate every opportunity they are given here, and to give back to the community they live in. This Independence Day we were able to give back, and bring gifts for our little friends in Staten Island Hospital. We are very proud to do this in our Mark's memory. We want to thank everyone once again for your continues support, love, and positive energy. We feel you lifting us up every day.

God bless you, your loved ones and this beautiful country we call our home.


We are so grateful for your hard work and dedication to our cause. It is truly amazing to witness parents and children donate their time and energy to help sick kids. You really are Mark's Angels and because of you, our Mark will never be forgotten. He will always be remembered as the boy who brought so many kind hearted, generous people together to accomplish so much good in this world. Thank you and God bless you all and especially all the little assistants.

EASTER VISIT 2015 TO Connecticut Children's Medical Center made by Assya Covacheva

Mark's Angels Foundation wishes to acknowledge a very special friend to our organization Assya Covacheva. She is always donating her time, money, energy, and most importantly her love to our cause. There are no words to describe what she means to us, she is the strength behind our little organization, and we are so thankful to have her on our side.
This holiday Assya paid a visit to Connecticut Hospital and brought gifts for all kids staying there. She did this completely by herself and all gifts were bought and donated by Asya. The best words we can use to describe her are, Mark's Angel.
Thank you for everything Asya, we are so grateful to you.

Easter Visit 2015 to Staten Island University Hospital.  Pediatric Unit.

Happy Valentine’s Day to our old friends and new friends.

From the bottom of our hearts we wish you all love, happiness, joy and health on this special day.

It is with pleasure that we made our trip to Staten Island University Hospital and brought cute presents for all the adorable kids staying in Pediatric and Oncology departments. We truly enjoy each and every one of our visits and are honored to meet all kids and parents during their stay.


Happy Holidays to all!!!!!

Holidays are such special times in our lives. This is the time for sharing, for giving, time for making new, wonderful memories.  We truly wish for every single person to enjoy this season with their family and friends.  To remember that it is more rewarding to give then to receive. Please be kind, loving, sensitive to one another. Treat each day as if it is a special gift you were blessed with.  It is also important to remember those that cannot be with their families, who are spending their holidays with their children in the hospital.  Our hearts go out to you and we will keep you in our prayers.  Keep your strength and your spirit up and know that we are with you all the way.  We encourage each of you to remember to look at the bigger picture and remember where there is darkness, light will always shine through.

“Don’t look for why suffering came but listen for what the suffering can teach you” –Wayne Muller

  Our Foundation visited Albany Medical Center on December 22 , and Staten Island Hospital on December 23 to bring presents for children in Pediatric Department and Pediatric Oncology Department.  We hope every single child there was left with a smile after our visit.


Fundraiser  at Alex and Ani store in Saratoga, NY.

In memory of our son, my friends have organized a fundraiser which will be held at Alex and Ani store in Saratoga, NY. Last year this was a very successful event, and they will be doing the same this year. It truly touches my heart that my son was so loved and still remembered to this day.

Please mark your calendars for some fun shopping on Wednesday, October 15, 6-9pm! This is a great time to start purchasing holiday gifts, as I am sure you know, Alex and Ani bracelets are very popular right now and this is a perfect time to buy as 15% of all sales will be donated to Mark's Foundation. If you can't attend in person, you can call (518) 871-1638 and place your order any time on October 15, please be sure to mention Mark's Angels Foundation. Unfortunately, online orders do not count towards our goal.

Last year over $1,000 was raised during the fundraiser and I believe that we can exceed that amount this year! The money that we
raise will be used to buy Christmas and Easter gifts for the children at Albany Medical Center's Pediatric Oncology Departments in memory of our Angel Mark.


We would like to wish you and your loved ones a happy and peaceful Independence Day. For those of you who are lucky to spend your day with you families and friends, please enjoy yourselves like never before. For those of you who are staying in the hospitals with your children, please know that we are in spirit with you. It takes a lot of strength and bravery to sacrifice your own happiness to be with your child. To all the kids who are fighting so hard this day for their lives, we love you all and always think and pray for you. Each one of you is so very special to us, and you will always be part of our Mark’s Angels family.

Pictures from our visit to Staten island Pediatric Department hospital on July 3,2014


Dear moms, grandmas, and moms in waiting,

We want to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day. May you always be blessed with love, joy, and kindness in your lives. May your children always bring happiness to your hearts. May you always experience that feeling of looking in your child's eyes when he first enters this world and may it stay with you forever.


Our foundation visited three different hospitals for these holidays. Our volunteers brought presents for children in Staten Island Hospital, Connecticut Hospital, and Albany hospital.

All children are precious, and they deserve only happiness and joy in their lives. Unfortunately we cannot take away their pain and struggles of fighting cancer, we can however, make them smile and that, dear friends is the best medicine any one can prescribe.

We thank everyone who is helping us bring smiles to our little fighters.  Thank you for your strength, your  generosity and your big hearts. It is not easy to visit sick children, we are so grateful for your courage.


     We are happy to share with you that our Valentine's Day visit to Staten Island University Hospital went smoothly. As always we brought with us gifts for Pediatrics Department and Pediatric oncology department. We are so happy to be so welcomed in this hospital and enjoy all of our visits. We hope that all children will enjoy our gifts and will find this Valentine's Day a very special one. 
     Mark' Angels Foundation wishes for everyone to enjoy this holiday, to remember what is important in life and that is love, health, and happiness. We pray for everyone to have all three in their lives.



Dear Mark’s Angels Volunteers,

We would like to thank you for your hard work, dedication, and most importantly your love for our foundation. It is because of you we were able to visit three different hospitals this year for Christmas. We know and understand how busy holiday time gets for everyone, so for you to take out your time away from your families and children and visit someone else’s in the hospital means you are our Angels.

Special thanks to our beautiful and dear friends Tanya Petroff, Michelle Ryan and  Lydia Kulbida , who visited Albany Medical Center Pediatric   department on our behalf. They brought lots of presents for kids  to  enjoy while staying in the hospital.

Also  very special thanks to Assya Covacheva, who visited Connecticut Medical Center Pediatric Oncology  department on our behalf and also brought lots of presents for children staying in that hospital. Assya worked and prepared everything tirelessly, completely by herself. Assya is a wonderful person with a generous heart and we are blessed to call her a friend.

We were also able to visit Staten Island Pediatric and Pediatric Oncology  department and bring gifts and joy for all the kids that are staying in the hospital. For this special trip, our good friend  Georgia Kouriampalis came along with us. It was truly a pleasure having her there.

We  would like to thank all three hospitals for letting us visit. We hope to be able to make more memorable trips like these in the near future.

Thank you all and have a great holiday.



Mark’s Angels foundation had the pleasure in participating in I.S. 24 Holiday Fair held on December 7,2013.  It was a successful event, we were able to raise $538. One hundred percent of the profit will benefit Mark’s Angels foundation and the money will be used to buy children currently in the hospital presents for the holidays.

  A special thanks to  our dearest  friend and volunteer Katya Belenkiy, who set up and managed the event.  We are very blessed to have you as a friend.

  We wanted to thank everyone who supported our organization at the fair for their help, everyone who purchased our merchandise, our volunteers Maggie Belenkiy and Katya Kopytskiy, and our friend Lada Libanov  who is always donating all the new clothing for us to sell.  We thank you all and are sending our deepest, warmest, most loving wishes to you and your loved ones on this holiday season.




Dear friends,

We wanted to share with you what an amazing experience we had at the annual Pediatric Oncology holiday party on Decenber 5, 2013 at Staten Island University Hospital.  There were so many families that we were able to meet and speak with.  All the children looked so beautiful and happy.  It is truly an honor to be included in such festivities and to be able to see these precious smiles.  We wanted to thank everyone who organized this event and let us share this wonderful experience.  We also wanted to wish everyone happy and healthy holidays.

Please come out and support our main goal on Saturday, December 7, 2013


  Dear Friends,

As you all know our main goal is to support children who are sick with cancer and other serious blood disorders.

This upcoming Saturday we will be attending   I.S. 24 School Holiday Fair and selling   a lot of items, such as hair accessories, sweaters, clothing, hats. Please join us to support our cause.  One hundred percent of profit will benefit sick children in the hospital for Christmas.

Please come out and join us on Saturday, December 7, 2013   from 9:00 am -

to 4:00 pm. 

I.S. 24 Cleveland Avenue, Staten Island, NY.


Next Visit to the Hospital

Our next visit will be to Staten Island University Hospital annual Christmas Party on December 5, 2013. We also have the pleasure of visiting Pediatric Oncology in Albany Med- Hospital this year. We will bring toys, snacks, gift cards to all the children whi will be staying in hospital during the holidays.


Today is a very special day for us, it would have been our Mark’s 5th birthday. Our loss is unbearable at times, what keeps us going is our charity work. It is an honor to do something good for someone in Mark’s memory. Today was one of those days. We were able to visit Staten Island Hospital Pediatric Department as well as Pediatric Oncology Department and bring various presents for kids who are staying there at this time.  It was difficult to buy gifts for kids and not be able to give to our Angel Mark anything for his little hands to hold on his birthday. No parent should ever have to bring balloons and cake to their child’s grave to celebrate a birthday. This is something we have to endure and hope and pray that no one will have to do the same. At 3:32 p.m. five years ago Mark took his first breath, at 5:45 a.m. two years ago, our Mark took his last. We were there with him during those times he traveled in and out of this world. Our journey has not been easy, but we will keep going and helping others like Mark who are fighting so very hard to stay in this world.


Please join us on Tuesday, October 22, from 7-9pm at the Alex and Ani store in downtown Saratoga, for an evening out with friends for some fun shopping while benefiting a worthwhile cause! 15% of total sales will be donated directly to Mark's Angels Foundation.  Lite Bites and Energy Punch will be served.  Feel free to bring your friends!  Alex and Ani bracelets are the hottest new accessory, and make wonderful and special gifts, especially for the upcoming Holidays!  Check out their website at to see what they offer. 



Dear Friends,

We are so pleased to share with you about our visit to the wonderful Staten Island University Hospital. For this Labor Day we were able to gift all children who stayed at Pediatrics Department as well as Pediatric Oncology Department.  Mark’s Angels provided gift bags, snacks, clothes, and gift cards for all kids.

Labor Day is a day that recognizes all hard working people. On this Labor Day, Mark’s Angels wish to recognize all doctors, nurses and other staff working hard for their patients. Hospital stay can be extremely difficult for patients and their loved ones.  We thank everyone who makes this journey easier.



With much happiness in our hearts we once again were able to spread a little bit of joy for the 4th of July.

We visited Staten Island University Hospital, both Pediatrics and Pediatric Oncology Departments.  Our foundation presented all the youngsters with gift bags for the upcoming Independence Day.

Every time we visit, we leave the hospital with satisfaction in our hearts that we made a sick child smile even if it was just for a moment, and that makes all our hard work worse it.

We wish everyone a very happy 4th of July. God bless you, your families, and this beautiful country of ours!!!!!!

Father's day at the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital

Mark’s Angels had the pleasure to visit Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, Pediatrics Oncology Department this Father’s day . We met so many wonderful kids, parents, nurses, doctors who try their hardest to make a difficult situation bearable. Each and every person we met touched our  hearts.  It was not easy to see all these beautiful kids sick, but it was important for us to be there and show our appreciation to all the fathers who are there fighting for their kids.  It was also very humbling to speak to all the parents and hear some of their stories.  Each child is unique and so is the disease he or she is fighting.

With all of the generous donations we were able to provide lots of toys, games, puzzles, I- tune cards, and snacks to every single child that was staying in the department at the time of our visit.

From the bottom of our hearts we wish all the strong, brave fathers a very peaceful day. Our thoughts and prayers will always be with you!!!!

Our Visit to the Hospital on Mother's Day


Dear Friends,

For this Mother’s Day, Mark’s Angels Foundation visited Staten Island Pediatrics Department and Pediatric Oncology Department.  We presented all the beautiful mothers, who happened to be in the hospital on this day with their kids, with a small token of our appreciation. Each mom received a small gift from Mark’s Angels Foundation. We know firsthand how hard it is to be in a hospital with a sick child, but it is that much more difficult to be there during holidays when everyone else gets to be home with their families.

 Every mother is strong, brave, smart, and beautiful in her own special way. Being a mother is the most important job anyone can be blessed with, not always the easiest, but the most rewarding. 

We want to wish all mothers a happy and peaceful day. May you all be blessed with love and smiles on this day!!!!

With Love, Mark’s Angels

Our first event in Connecticut at Children's Medical Center - Hematology/ Oncology department

Easter Visit to the Hospital

Our dearest friends,
We wanted to update you about our trip to Staten Island Hospital for Easter. We delivered beautiful baskets filled with toys, candy, snacks, and gift cards to the Pediatrics Department and the Pediatric Oncology/ Hematology Department. It brought us so much pleasure to know that these kids who have to spend their holiday at the hospital will receive a little pleasant surprise during their stay.
We also would like to take a moment to thank all the doctors, nurses, and staff who take care of the little patients and their families in this wonderful hospital. We continue to thank everyone who believes in and supports us. Most of all we thank our beloved Mark who is truly our Angel. Mark has touched so many people and gives strength to fulfill our mission. We see his smile and feel his soul in every single child we meet. We love you, dear baby Mark and miss you very much.

We wish everyone happy and healthy holidays.
With Love,
Mark’s Angels

Valentine's day visit

Dear Friends,
We had the honor to visit Pediatric Department and Pediatric Oncology Department in Staten Island Hospital. We were pleased to provide beautiful gift bags filled with various toys, candy, balloons, snacks, and cupcakes to all children who will be staying in the hospital through this week of Valentine’s Day.
It was our goal to make sure that every single little patient would have a gift as well as a smile during their stay this week. There are several special people we want to thank that made this possible.
Special thanks to our dear friend and contributor Scott Stromer from Thriftway store for donating beautiful balloons and delicious candy to our cause. Your generosity is much appreciated. Also many thanks to our dedicated volunteers Kathy Belenkiy, and Katya Kopetsky for always keeping Mark’s Angels close to your hearts.

On this special day, Mark’s Angels would like to wish everyone a healthy, happy, and joyful day.

How We Have Been Helping Out

On top of all the events we have been holding, Mark's Angels has been financially helping families during these troubled times. From your donations, besides buying items for the children and giving for further reaserch, we have also been providing for families and helping them with thier bills and other expenses that have been burdening them due to missing work so that they can spend time with thier children in the hospital.

Anual Christmas party at Staten Island University Hospital

It was our plesure to be invited to Staten Island University Hospital Childrens oncology department on 12/14/2012 for they annual Christmas party. Special thanks to Dr. Sarah Vaiselbuh, Pam O'Hara(RN) and Vivial Alestra.
Photo: It was our plesure to be invited to Staten Island University Hospital Childrens oncology department on 12/14/2012 for they annual Christmas party. Special thanks to Dr. Sarah Vaiselbuh, Pam O'Hara(RN) and Vivial Alestra.

October Hospital Visit

Just a reminder to all of our friends.
On October 18 Mark would be celebrating his 4 th Birthday. Unfortunately he is not with us anymore.
In his loving memory we will be going to Columbia University Hospital in NYC ( children oncology department) on Sunday October 21 at 12 pm with lots toys for kids & pizza. Also will be at Staten Island University Hospital Oncology department on October 26 at 10:30 am with lots of toys.We are still accepting donations & toys .
No gift is too small.
Please help us make those kids just a little happier, even if its for a few hours only

Thank You.

Our First Mission Was A Success!!

Dine-Out With Mark's Angels Foundation

Perkins restaurant has agreed to help us with our cause by donating 15% of your bill on Friday, May 4th, 2012 to Mark's Angels. All you need to do is go there and mention our name so that your generosity and support can be given to children in need.


Location: 4370 Amboy Road Staten Island New York 10312

Mark's Angels At The Park

Come and enjoy a beautiful day at the park with Mark's Angels this Saturday, June 9th from 9am to 9pm at Wolfes Pond Park, 420 Cornelia Avenue SI,NY. We will have a stand there selling soda, water, ice tea, vitamin water, and snacks for $2 or less. We will also be selling hair bands, jump ropes and kites for kid's. Donated to us from J&C Finishing Corp, brand new beautiful women's tops. 100% of proceeds go directly to Mark's Angels Foundation for the children and in our search of finding a cure.

Wolfe's Pond Park was a great success! We raised $1710.00 throught the day. We would like to thank everyone who is apart of the Mark's Angels Team for coming out  to help us with this fundraiser. To all our little volunteers, you have made the day very cheerful with your smiles. Thank you for your first time volunteering and giving out flyers, you can't imagine what a great impact you made that day.

Our Second Hospital Visit

Once again, Mark's Angels has put a smile on children's face's at Columbial University's Pediactric Oncology Department on July 8th, 2012. We were welcomed with open arm's as the children who were previously there rememebred us, and surprised the children who were new to the department. Mark's Angels is grateful for all the donations we recieved to supply these kids with toys and every day needs and hope to continue recieving any donations so that we can continue our efforts in finding a cure and making a difference in thier lives.

Our New Website is Online

We are excited about our new online presence. Browse our new website to learn more about our organization.

ASAP Property Managment Fundraiser

Our heartfelt thanks to ASAP PROPERTY MANAGEMENT for sponsoring Marks Angels on this beautiful event held on 09/27/2012. The response from the business community was heartwarming. IT REALLY WAS A NIGHT TO REMEMBER.
We hope our friendship will not end here. Looking forward to many more events together.
Thank You

Recently we went on first event to the Pediatric Oncology Department at Columbia University Hospital. Although this was an extremely emotional event for all of us, it was equally rewarding as well. We were amazed to see smiles on kids' faces when they received their gifts. We were also grateful to the parents for sharing their experiences with us.

When leaving the hospital we felt a sense of achievement, and Mark's presence every step of the way. We would like to thank everyone for their donations and those who have helped us on this special day.

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