My Dear Mark,
Another year has passed and I find myself back in this dark place this day brings with itself. This day will forever be something that I dread. The memories of loosing you, are unbearable no matter how much time has passed. I think about all that could have been and everything we are missing out on because you are not here. Every time something great happens and I am feeling happy, sadness takes over because I think to myself it will never be perfect because you are not here with us and you should be, you deserve to be. No child should ever have to leave his parents , and no parent should ever have to know the loss of a child. A mother should bring her baby into this world, not watch him leave it. I comfort myself in the fact that you are free of pain, this horrible cancer has no control over you any longer. You are at peace and will forever be in our hearts . My faith in after life remains strong and love that exists beyond this world.
 I am your mama and my love for you will only grow deeper and stronger with each passing day . I may not have you in my arms, but I always carry you in my heart and soul.
I love you and miss you to invitity and beyond.

With love,
Mama, Daddy, Maria and Marta

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