My sweet Mark,
I can't tell you how much this date hurts me ever since I lost you five years ago. I physically feel ill, waiting and dreading for this day to come. I cannot describe this feeling to anyone. Only a parent who lost a child can understand. Imagine letting go of your child's hand in a busy store and losing sight of him for a few seconds, the panic, the fear, the desperation you have that moment realizing your precious baby is gone. Now imagine living with this feeling for the rest of your life. Your mind accept the facts that your child is not in your arms, but your heart does not. It is always missing, aching, searching and never finding that one person that you were always afraid to lose. 
I want to express my sorrow to every parent out there who has the same date that marks a loss of a child. There are no comforting words that can make your pain hurt less, only an acknowledgement from me that I understand because I live with this pain myself. I hope that there will come a day when parents will no longer have to lose their children due to pediatric cancer. One day more research and funding will be available to fight this absolutely devastating disease. I only pray that because of our little brave hero, doctors will find a cure for other children. I take comfort in the fact that my son's difficult life's journey, might save someone else's son or daughter in the near future.
Sweet dreams our little Angel Mark. 
We love you and miss you to infinity and beyond. Вічная пам'ять тобі, Синочку !!!
???Your Mama, Tato , Maria and Marta.


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