Happy birthday my sweet boy Mark ,
It is so difficult to accept that you would have been 12 years old. As much as I try to picture you as almost a teenager, I can’t. I’m my heart you will always be my baby, who loved to watch me fly a Spider-Man car across our hospital room. You never change for me, you will always be the same beautiful, blond haired, blue eyed angel. Your smile could melt my heart, and you and I both knew that you could get away with anything with that contagious laugh of yours. How I wish I could hold you now and hear that laugh for just a second. As the world is changing right before my eyes, one thing does not, and that is my love for you. I miss you more and more with every year. I realise how much our family has missed out on. We are a strong family and we were blessed with so much, however, the fact remains is that you are not here. No matter how much time has passed, that will never change. There is no one to fill your place, simply because there is no one like you, and never will be. I know that you are near me, I can feel it, I can never explain it, call it a mother’s connection to her child. I talk to you, I pray for you, and I will forever miss you. There is not a day that goes by, that I do not ask God, your grandma, and all Angels in Heaven to take care of you, love you, and keep you safe. While my arms can’t hold you, my heart always does. Since my eyes can’t see you, my imagination does. Even though I do not have you in my house, I forever have you in my soul.
Sweetest birthday to you our Angel , we love you always!
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