Happy 11th Birthday Angel Mark❤️!

I don’t know how it is possible, but I love you more and more every year. We miss you terribly, and wish that for just a moment we could kiss and hug you. This is a very emotional time for me right now. We just welcomed your little brother into this world. He looks like you. He smells like you. His middle name is your name. Yet, I know that he is his own person and deserves to be his own person, but my mind keeps playing tricks on me. Perhaps, this would have been easier if he did not look so much like you, or maybe nothing would have made this easier because you are not here to share this beautiful moment with us. In my heart I know that you send him to me. I found out that I was carrying this precious baby on the anniversary of your death. We can’t think of a better sign from you, to let us know that you are always with us. There was no doubt in our mind that your little brother will be named Michael Mark in your honor. He will always know and cherish the name of his older brother, Mark Michael. One day he will understand what an honor it is to be named after a hero who fought so hard for his life. I know that as his big brother you will watch over him, guide him, and protect him. We miss you and love you, now more than ever?. As always my heart aches for you, and my arms feel empty without you? We love you our sweet birthday boy to infinity and beyond ??. Happy Birthday in Haven Marchyk!!!

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