Happy 13th Birthday Marchyk!!!
I pray that you are happy and smiling in heaven. It is still so difficult for me to comprehend why you couldn’t do that here, with us. I learned to live with this, but will never understand it or accept it. No parent ever should. In this changing and uncertain world, one constant remains, and that is my love for you. My love for you continues to grow, the bond that we have will get only stronger. I will always have the need to protect you, no matter where you are. You are my son, while your little body is resting, mine is restless. I wish it wasn’t the case, but that’s the reality of my loss. Every single birthday, special occasion, holiday, day, night, makes no difference, I’m not me, without you. I read somewhere once, that being a grieving parent is like receiving a life sentence in prison. It is the ugly truth. Grieving mother carries that burden for the rest of her life. Like today, this is your day, and we will celebrate you, love you, remember and honor you. However, I am also crying for you. I cry for you and the unfairness of the situation, everything you missed out on. I cry for our family, and everything we missed out on, because you were too good for this world. I cry for me, because I have to kiss your picture every night and not your sweet cheek. I cry for every single parent who has to hug their child’s favorite toy and not their little body. I cry for the world and it’s people who do not realize how lucky they are that all their children are tucked in their beds at night. I do not take for granted anything, I cry because I know how easy everything can be taken away. Just one upset stomach, fever, bruise, and your world can turn upside down.
I love you my sweet boy, you and your siblings are the best years of my life. Your daddy and I are forever grateful for having you, even for a short period of time. You changed me, our family, friends, and people that you never even met. You are forever my brave boy, my soulmate, the air I breathe, the sun I see, the wind I feel, my everything!!!
Happiest Birthday to you, our son!
We Love you to Infinity and Beyond!!!
Mama, Daddy, Maria, Marta and Michael.
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