My Dear Mark,

I have to be honest, I didn’t want to write this post. It’s not easy to open up a bleeding wound for others to witness. However, there was also no way that I could ever stay silent and not honor your memory on this day. I’m holding your picture and it still takes my breath away. Your innocence, beauty, and strength shines through, your smile hides the fear and sadness that haunted us ever since we received your devastating diagnosis. These moments bring me back to our hospital room. More often than not, I wish I could erase all horrendous memories in that room, but at the same time I cling to them. They are everything I have left of you, heart breaking or happy, they are all you, and everything you went through. I will always cherish our time together and it will forever be a part of me. Losing you has been the most painful moment in my life, it has shattered my heart into a million pieces. My tears will never stop flowing for you. My hands are not holding you, but they are always reaching for you. My heart is always missing you ?. My soul is always aching for you?.
We love you and miss you to infinity and beyond ?❤️. Sweet dreams, our little Angel Mark?.

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