Happy Birthday, our sweet, beautiful Mark!!!
It is so hard to imagine you as a 7 year old little man. To me you will always be my baby. I close my eyes and try to imagine you going to school, with your big boy book bag. I picture you with your enormous, blue eyes, beautiful, sweet face, and your manly hair cut. You would have looked just like your dad!!!! I imagine us holding hands, and walking to the school bus stop together. I see you smiling up at me and telling me, how much you love me, and in return I say “I love you a million times more”. I do, I really do, love you so much, and always will. My love for you intensifies each year, each day, each minute, each second that I do not have you in my arms. I miss you so much; sometimes I can hardly stand it. It still hurts my heart that you were taken from me. I wish I could somehow make sense of why I was entrusted with such precious gift and then have it taken from me. The only reason I can come up with, is that you were put on earth to teach me, guide me, to make me see how precious life is, and not take even a second of it for granted. You are my sweet angel, you are my Mark. I know that not only are you watching over our family, friends and loved ones, but also over all kids who are sick. With your help I will dedicate my life to help as much as I can those families whose kids are ill. You were put on this planet to make a difference, maybe one day save another child’s life. You will always be my little warrior. You fought so hard and one day a time will come when no other child will have to fight for his or her right to live. I love you to the moon and back to my heart. Your daddy and sisters love you and miss you too. When someone asks me how many children I have, I always say three. My two girls are here on earth with me, and my boy is an angel in heaven watching over us. That is how it will always be. Our bond is stronger than anything in this world. My heart will always ache for you, my eyes will forever search for you, my hands will never stop reaching for you, and my soul will always be connected to you. Our love for each other is eternal, and our family is forever, my darling boy.
Love you always,

Mama, Daddy, Maria and  Marta

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