Dear, sweet Mark. You are mom and dad's little Angel.


  Four years ago, on October 18,2008, your mom, dad, and your big sister Maria received the most special gift. God gave us you to complete our little family.

  From the beginning we knew in our hearts that you were special. You were the smallest and youngest member but became a major leader of the Barabash family.

  You changed our family completely. You filled our souls with your pure love and innocence. There was so much unconditional love in your little heart, which is impossible to describe, but was definitely felt by everyone around you.

  Today on your 4th Birthday it feels like our hearts have shattered in thousands of little pieces. Our hands feel empty because you are not here. It is hard to describe the feeling when we went into your room, which has not been changed since the last time you were there, and your bed was empty. There are no words to explain how much we miss seeing your beautiful blue eyes, smelling your baby blond curls, touching your precious face. We would give anything to hold your little chubby hands in ours. Your catchy laughter can still be heard in our souls. We can still hear your beautiful voice telling us "I love you mommy", "I love you daddy", "I love you Mia".

  I want to be selfish today. If I could just see you for a moment I would hug you so tight and not share you with anyone for anything in this world. I want to keep you all to myself. I would give anything just for that moment in time.

We want you to know how much we love you. In the three years that we were blessed to have you, our purpose in life was obvious. It was to be your parents and make you proud. We hope that you are proud of us. Everything we do to help other kids who are sick, we do it for you. One thing that we know for sure, our love for you not only grew stronger but it is eternal. Even though you are not here with us, you are always in our hearts.

  Marchik, we want to thank you for being so strong to the very last second of your life. You showed us what courage, strength, and bravery are. You fought so hard for us and never gave up.

  Thank you for being a wonderful son and brother to your sister Maria. She misses you so much. The two of you were more like twins than just brother and sister. She guards your room fiercely and will not let anyone take any of your toys. She lost her best friend and it will take a long time to heal from such devastating loss. She grieves for you in her own way.

Thank you for changing so many people's lives. You would be amazed to know how many people you touched during your three years on earth and even now. People that we do not know, that never met you, have reached out to us because they were touched by your story.

  From the moment you opened your eyes, took your first breath, your destiny was to change people's lives for the better. We can say for sure, you have accomplished your mission here on earth. You did what you were sent here to do.

  Please know how much we love you and miss you, our little Angel. Every night we go in your room to say goodnight and sing your favorite song. Every morning your sister kisses your picture before going to school. Our love for you is only getting stronger. We are a family forever. Nothing and no one can keep us apart.


                                 Happy 4th Birthday Mark!!!!



                                            With so much love in our hearts for you,

                                            Mommy, Daddy, and Big Sister Maria.



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